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เกี่ยวกับเรา (About Us)

Ouiheng group of company was first started in 1932 which took root from a modest grocery named " Moek Hua" founded by Mr.Lieng Tengamnuay at No. 4-6 Maharaj Road, Thaprachan, Bangkok, which named was changed a year later to "Ouiheng".

In 1937, Mr. Kian Tengamnuay, Mr. Lieng's 3rd son, had to leave school to assist his father doing business. During that period Mr. Kian'age was just only 13 years old whom later was the successor to look after the business. In 1947, ten years later there was a big change to the business as Mr. Kian has decided and started to turn the grocery partly into a drugstore and it was turning point of business entering into pharmaceutical field. Under the supervision and hard working of Mr. Kian, his business has grown successfully and finally became a 100% drugstore in 1956. In the same year, Mr. Kian has decided to legally register the company under the name of " Ouiheng Co.,Ltd."Continuing and true to his father's rigid policy of honesty to customers, Mr. Kian has built up such goodwill and trust of prescribing doctors and buyers, that Ouiheng grew to be a leading drugstore and pharmacy in the area.

The company started also wholesale business and later became one of the two biggest wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in Thailand. Due to its large sales volumes, Ouiheng has been attracted by a number of foreign manufacturer of ethical products to offer their agencies. This is the 2nd turning point of the company to enter into the import business. In 1967 the group's business was moved to new premises at No. 489/2 Soi Bangyikhan, Charansanitwongs road, and "Greater Pharma Ltd., Part." was thus established to handle these agencies leaving the drugstore and wholesale business still to continue at the old premises at Thaprachan.Two years later, following world market trend, local production of generic products and semi-ethical products stared at Greater Pharma as well as repackaging of imported ethical products and medicinal consumer products. Greater Pharma was then changing its business activity into a manufacturing industry with the intention to produce good quality medicines but at a lower prices. In 1969, "Ouiheng Import Co., Ltd."

was created to take up the total import from "Greater Pharma." Nowadays, Ouiheng Import has been represented more sole agencies of the big international companies from all parts of the world. It also acts as sole distributor for Greater Pharma. Separate divisions have been set and launched for Generic Products, Ethical Products and Consumer Products. More teams have been formed and divided in order to penetrate the markets throughout the country. In October 1983, the company has installed the computer system to help ease the management concerning inventory control, account receivable and sales analysis. In April 1984, Printing Department has been formed and set up for the first time in the company with the purpose of printing labeling, all kinds of printing materials as well as packaging materials. At present, in-house Printing Department has been separated and set up a new affiliate company named "Grand Interprint Co.,Ltd." in 1997.EXPANSION & DIVERSIFICATION MANUFACTURING PLANT As the world is changing, new technology has always been introduced and developed, vice versa the production process.

New modern machineries and manufacturing technology have always been carried out in Greater Pharma LP. The plant is staffed by a team of highly qualified and well experienced personnel. Quality is in-built into the products. Starting with vendor approval, analysis of raw materials, in-process checks and finally finished product analysis, various tests are performed to ensure that the products meet stringent international specifications. Up to now, the company has started manufacturing almost of the drug dosage forms, covering Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Oral, Power, Cream and Ointments. Separate sections are provided for manufacture of Penicillin Group, Non-Penicillin Group and Steroids, etc. to ensure that no contamination is occurred

QUALITY COMES FIRST In addition to process validation, the plant is subject to periodic Quality Assurance Audit. Stability studies are carried out with a view to further strengthening the product quality on storage. Greater Pharma LP has a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory for thorough testing of its products at all stages of manufacture.Through its modern manufacturing process and strict quality control, makes Greater Pharma has been categorized and awarded the GMP Certificate which comply to the WHO criterion from the Thai Foods & Drugs Administration (TFDA), Ministry of Public Health.
Besides its production for own sales, Greater Pharma has again been relied on to manufacture the licensed products for some other international companies and this is a good affirmation that the drugs manufactured by Greater Pharma meet high standard of quality. EXPANSION & DIVERSIFICATION Not only pharmaceutical products that Greater Pharma is producing, Greater Pharma is also expanding into a cosmetic production since 1980. Thanks to its products import of medicated cosmetics. The success in marketing of these medicated consumer products, has prompted the registration of Greater Poly Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on October 1st, 1992. All production facilities have been transformed to Messrs. Greater Poly Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Greater Poly Manufacturing has been set up with the purpose to manufacture solely medicated health care, skin care products and sophisticated high quality cosmetics as well as consumer goods. Computer system has again been installed to help management of production planning and materials requirement planning. The company is also intend to implement using the computer to control in every step of production procedures.

On the same year, Messrs. GRAND POLY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has been set up and took over the plastic packaging and container factory in Mahachai, Samutprakarn. The objective of this company is to act as a packaging supplier such as bottles, tins, caps as well as toothbrush handles among the groups. GMP has also been awarded by the Cosmetic Division, TFDA, Ministry of Public Health. Which ensured that the products produced by the company meet good and high standard of quality. On August 1st, 1997, Messrs. GRAND INTERPRINT CO., LTD. was officially established. The Printing Department which formerly under the Greater Pharma LP has been separated and formed to be the new company. In this regard, more printing press has also be invested to cope with the increasing demand and to make the company a profit center.

HUMAN RESOURCES-THE KEY Having recognized that the key to success is its staff, special emphasis is given to Human Resources Development. Company's people are trained to perform their existing job still better, to meet increasing challenges and to grow with the organization. More than half of the century, Ouiheng group of company have already struggled the difficulties. It is such a long years of pride and memorable experiences. Many things have been changes in its history, but one thing has never and will never change, that is the motto of our founder, Mr. Lieng TengAmnuay : " Honesty to Customers "

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